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The differences between flat share and hostels

Flat Share

Are you planning on visiting London and you don’t know where to stay yet? Would you really like “to get the London look”? There are hundreds of options for this, that can make you feel a little bit dizzy! However, if you’re looking for an alternative to a classic hotel in London, it would be really interesting to try a flatshare London or a hostel.

Let’s start with the hostel, which is a house usually owned by charities or the government, where people, or better the well known “backpackers”, the old version of “flashpackers”, used to stay for a short period of time and didn’t have to pay a fortune.

Hostels express freedom and communication among young people all around the world. However, in hostels you have to share dorms, the kitchen and bathrooms with up to ten people. You can easily imagine that this is not too convenient when you need some privacy. But don’t be scared!

There’s another interesting option that is growing in popularity, It’s a flatshare. London is such a dynamic metropolis that every time when it comes to renting accommodation, property types and prices vary.In London flatshares, you can find different types of rooms to rent like single, double, and triple rooms to affordable prices.

Usually, all the buildings are located close to the city center. This will give you the possibility to take part in all the non-stop night events. You can rent a room together with friends, or on the contrary, it’s possible to share a room with someone you don’t know. It’s an accommodation suitable for everyone, starting from students, families and workers as well.

So what are you waiting for?

Don’t miss the chance of living in a flatshare and make friends for a lifetime !