Cheap Flights From London

While the economic recession has hurt the travel industry as a whole it hasn't been all bad news. Financial restrictions and pressure to compete has put airlines in a position where they must offer low fares and as a result there has been a rise in low cost, short trips to major cities all across Europe and around the world from London. Consequently, over the past few years there has been an increase in travel enthusiasts taking advantage of cheap flights deals and embarking on and increasing number short-haul trips.

This new trend in the travel business has made a massive impact in London. The increasing popularity of low cost flights and budget airlines has led to the expansion of both London Stansted and Luton Airports as well as an increasing number of flights from Gatwick and Heathrow airports as UK travellers take advantage of cheap flights from London which make it much more affordable to spend a weekend away.

Not only has the emergence of low cost flights increased the flow of travellers from London to other destinations, it has also changed the perception tourists used to have about travelling. In previous years, a trip abroad was perceived as a strenuous process which involved a great deal of planning and saving however what we are now finding is that holiday goers can book flights often at the last minute at a very low cost and within a short amount of time and with minimal planning be soaking in a new culture. In fact, the paradigm shift has been so dramatic that in many cases, travellers arrive at the airport with no luggage to check in and hop on the plane with just a carry on bag!

If you're planning on taking advantage of one of the many cheap flights from London which are available, to make sure that you get the best deal we would advise that you follow the following criteria to make sure that you get the best deal:

  • Start by looking for flights from Stansted or Luton, flights from London at these airports are generally cheaper
  • If possible, plan and book in advance. Flights are sold at low costs when there is no one else booked on the plane, as the plane fills up the prices tend to increase
  • Plan how you're going to get to and from the airport. There are a number of low cost coaches and trains however you need to look around and book online. Prices at London airports are usually higher than if you pre-book online.
  • Pack light! Low cost flights often have luggage restrictions and since you'll probabaly want to bring home a souvenir or two, it's best if you get on your flight from London with as little luggage as possible.

Cheap flights from London are available to nearly all major destinations so there is no need to let the recession spoil your travel plans! With a little research you can grab yourself a great deal for a trip away.