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England is the cradle of English language and institutions: This beautiful country is composed of various outstanding areas:

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England SightseeinYorkshire being historically one of the most important regions of England has a very fascinating history.
You can clearly feel the Viking print in the lands of Yorkshire. Many festivals and museums celebrate their civilisation. Ruins, castles, churches and stately homes, Yorkshire has it all, even some of the most beautiful gardens of Britain. You cannot but stop to visit Scarborough castle, York Minster or go for a walk through the Walled garden.

In Lake district county Nature reigns. You will be enthralled by an impressive scenery of lakes and mountains formed by time and climate impact. Walks, trails and boat trips are the best ways to discover this area of England.

The West Midlands

England Heritage MonumentThis English area is not only well-known for its famous cities Liverpool and Manchester but also for the lovely Cheshire and Lancashire counties.
Liverpool is a dynamic cultural place. Discover English popular culture from the roots of pop music to premiership football. Manchester will appeal night owls. Shopping during the day and clubbing at night, this town is still buzzing.
In the West Midlands, you will explore two outstanding counties of England. Have you ever dreamt of fairy tale land? Than you will find it here! Enchanted castles, quiet lanes, little stone-built villages, romantic countryside, let yourself be carried away by Lancashire and Cheshire's magic.
Far from romance and do not belive in magic?! You prefer to spend your holidays with your family in bright seaside hotels and have fun in amusement parks? Then Blackpool is just a right place for you.

The East Midlands

England, England Leeds CastleFollow the footsteps of Robin Hood in the East Midlands.
Based around the counties of Lincolnshire and Nottinghamshire, the East Midlands is the area filled with medieval rich history, beautiful cathedrals and castles
If you need a short break, Lincoln is the perfect destination. Indulge yourself with various pleasures: visit historic attractions, feel the charm of the city and enjoy great shopping opportunity.
Walk through the famous Sherwood Forest and visit Major Oak, which is supposedly is the place where Robin Hood and his merry men met. Cycle and relax in the pure nature of the Peak District National Park.
To experience thrilling sensations, you should go to see some motor races and take a drive on Silverstone Formula1 circuit.

The Heartlands of England

England, sightsStarting from the Cotswolds to the East Anglia area, you will be delighted by typical English green fields villages, Shakespeare country and a modern infusion of larger cities, such as Oxford and Birmingham.
You are in the core England. Feel the deep essence of "Englishness" and its old traditions and make the most of its vibrant and cosmopolitan towns.

Go to one of the greatest cities of United Kingdom - Oxford, which is famous all over the world thanks to its University. Oxford is a cosmopolitan city fashioned by an original mix of ancient and modern. Traditional outstanding educational, business and tourism spot, Oxford is an amazing place to discover.

Go and see the second most populous city of England - Birmingham. Many attractions are waiting for you in this fabulouse city: Soho House the place where some great scientists, engineers and philosophers met; Cadbury World chocolate museum, to follow step by step the production of chocolate; Sareholl Mill the water mill celebrated by J.R.R Tolkien in his work "Lords of Rings". Have a rest in one of the numerous lovely historic squares or hide in one of the cosy cafes.

South England

Canterbery Cathedral, England ToursFrom Kent to Cornwall, South costs and area are unique. Starting from Dover Cliffs to Dorset Jurassic coast and going through many lovely quaint villages in Oxfordshire, you will be able to explore an exceptional palette of countryside, seaside and exciting towns. Let's head west to discover Cornwall, Cotswolds and the mysterious building of the Stonehenge.
Have a look on our tours. Also, come and enjoy all the entertainments and activities available like sport, fishing, laying on the sandy beach and even go for a tour in a mini steam train in South England.

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