London, Oxford and Stratford Christmas Tour

England Tour, LondonDo you want to spend your Christmas in the country with a great history full of intriguing secrets and world known heritage monuments?
Than why not book London, Oxford and Stratford tour around England? Spend your Christmas in a traditional English way!

London tour

The guided Christmas tour begins with London. Here you will be able to see the main attractions of English capital. Enjoy the view of Big Ben, Tower of London, Westminster Abbey and many more. London is a city with a great history and beautiful architecture. You will not be disappointed.


England Tours, sightseeingYour next stop is Oxford - the historical ground of scholars and one of the most famous universities in the world! Oxford was a place of inspiration for many famous writers including Philip Pullman the author of "Golden compass".
Some of the scenes from the famous Harry Potter movies were shot around the area.

The tour around the city will pass through the small cosy streets with ivy-clad colleges and beautiful architectural buildings. You will have a walking tour around the Christ Church.
Here Lewis Caroll wrote enchanting tales of "Alice in Wonderland".
The guide will tell you about the history of the city, its secrets and traditions of college life. You will visit buildings such as Radcliffe Camera and the oldest museum in the UK - Ashmolean.


The Cotswolds

England Tours, sightseeing After the tour around Oxford, we will proceed to Cotswolds. It is a range of beautiful hills that is also known as heart of England.
There are many villages and small towns that still saved their medieval look and architecture.
It was a medieval centre of wealth creation for England. Cotswolds became famous through the wool merchants of the 14th century, who helped to build a numerous manor houses and perpendicular churches around the area. During your tour you will have time to make some photos outside Blenheim Palace where Sir Winston Churchill was born.

Your tour will proceed to the village of Newbold-on-Stour. Here you will be able to enjoy Christmas day Lunch in the charming Elizabethan pub.
Enjoy delicious roasted turkey followed by traditional Christmas Pudding.
During you lunch you will also have a chance to see, Christmas festivities of the local village. The pub also has a large collection of spectacular wines and ales. After lunch enjoy Christmas time by the log fire.

Stratford upon Avon

Anne Hathaway house

In the afternoon your tour will continue to Stratford upon Avon. You will pass the place where Shakespeare's wife -Anne Hathaway was born.
Stratford upon Avon is famous for being the birth place of the famous English playwright -William Shakespeare.
The walking tour around the beautiful city will include visiting Shakespeare's birthplace and his resting place in Holy Trinity Church.

London, Oxford and Stratford upon Avon tour is a perfect way for you to get in to the Christmas spirit.Enjoy the beautiful sights of Oxford, traditional English Lunch in the pub of Cotswolds and visit a legendary birth place of William Shakespeare - Stratford Upon Avon.

Christmas London, Oxford and Stratford upon Avon tour particulars

  • Duration: 1 Day
  • Highlights:
    • See the major attractions and highlights London has to offer.
    • Walking tour of Oxford
    • Tour of Christchurch
    • Scenic drive through the Cotswolds
    • Visit the village of Newbold-on-Stour
    • Traditional English Pub Christmas Lunch

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