Stonehenge and Bath Tour

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Stonehenge visit

Enjoy a late breakfast before heading to the Stonehenge site with your guide. Let's start this outstanding tour.

Stonehenge siteThe Stonehenge is one of the most famous prehistoric sites in UK and in the World, it is on the UNESCO's list of World Heritage sites.
Located on Salisbury plain, the circles of impressive huge stones are still shrouded in mystery. No one has unveiled their secret yet.
Some Archaeologists assumed that the site was a cemetery or a temple, others suggest it was a moon observatory. We still are not sure how and for what this monument was erected. How those huge stones were transported here? How will you feel walking through this astonishing site?
With our guide, discover the inner circle of this great monument. Come and explore this fascinating destination and try to solve the mystery by yourself during your visit to Stonehenge.
Before visiting Bath, you will have lunch in a charming village pub.

Bath by night

visiting-Britain-England-tours-Bath-by-night like the Stonehenge, Bath is a World Heritage site. This Georgian city stands out thanks to its architecture and the famous Roman baths.
On our guided tour, you will make the most of Bath. Then, if you feel like it,you can enjoy your free time and visit Bath Abbey and Pulteney Bridge that faces the river Acon. Or choose to shop and relax having an afternoon tea.
As the sun sets, blazing torches encircle the magnificent Roman baths, where more than one million litres of boiling water gush out the hot springs everyday.
When the Baths are closing their doors to the public, you, as private guest will get in and benefit from an exclusive guided tour of the temple.
Then, explore the Baths by yourself and enjoy the mist atmosphere of the bubbling pools. This original visit will end your magical day.

Stonehenge and Bath Tour programme

  • Start time: 10:30 am
  • End time: approximately 8.30 pm
  • Place of departure: Grosvenor (Thistle) Victoria Hotel
  • Ticket Price: for children (up to 16 years old) - £60,00 and for adults - £64,00
  • Tour highlights
    • Exclusive tour of the Roman Baths
    • Visit ancient Stonehenge
    • Lunch stop in a traditional English pub*
    • Driving tour of Bath plus free time to explore

*food/drink not included

Mysterious Stonehenge and antique Roman baths, all an amazing programme, book your tour!!!

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