Stonehenge, Bath and Windsor Castle Tour

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Stonehenge visit

visiting-Britain-England-tours-Stonehenge-siteLocated on the great Salisbury plain, Stonehenge is one of the most famous prehistoric sites in the world. It was built approximately 5000 years ago and it is on the list of UNESCO's World Heritage sites.
Some believe this destination was a temple, some think it was a cemetery and others even assume that it was an observatory for the moon. What was the precise aim of Stonehenge and how was it erected? No one really knows.
Explore this mysterious prehistoric site and feat of ancient engineering and design with a professional guide.
Stonehenge is waiting for you, come and penetrate the secrets by yourself!

Bath City and its Romans Baths

visiting-Britain-England-tours-Bath-CityBath is a beautiful Georgian city with delightful crescents, terraces and architecture. Following our guided tour of the city, you will have free time which you can spend visiting Bath Abbey and Pulteney Bridge overlooking the Avon river.
Relax shopping or having a cup of afternoon tea in the Pump Rooms while listening to the string quartet.
When the public is leaving the Roman baths, you, as a private guest, will enter the place to experience the beauty of the Baths, where over one million litres of boiling water gush out from the hot springs everyday.
Exclusive to Premium Tours, you will be allowed to stay extra hours for a special guided tour through the Roman bath houses.

Windsor Castle

visiting-Britain-England-tours-Windsor-CastleWindsor Castle stands high above the River Thames. From William the Conqueror to Queen Elizabeth II, many monarchs have been living here and left their mark on what is now the largest continuously occupied castle in the world.
The tour includes the entrance to Windsor Castle, you will admire the splendour of St. George's chapel and the magnificent state apartments. The town of Windsor itself is full of traditional shops and historic pubs, with a romantic setting by the riverside. Shakespeare is said to have written his play "The Merry Wives of Windsor" in one of the pubs!
After our visit to Windsor Castle, we will drive through Runnymede, where King John signed the Magna Carta.

Stonehenge, Bath and Windsor Castle Tour programme

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  • End time: aproximately 8.30pm
  • Ticket Price: for children (up to 16 years old) - £61,20 and for adults - £64,80
  • Tour highlights:
    • Unique visit to the Roman baths
    • Entrance to Windsor Castle, Stonehenge and The Roman Baths all in one day
    • See Runnymede where the Magna Carta was signed in 1215
    • Lunch stop in a traditional English pub*
    • Entrance to the delightful Georgian Pump Room
    • Walking and driving tour of Bath

*food/drinks not included.

Mysterious Stonehenge, antique Roman baths, historic Windsor Castle, three English astonishing spots.
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