Stonehenge, Lacock and Bath tour

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Come and feel the warmth of Bath, see the pleasant village of Lacock, and solve the mystery of Stonehenge with a tour of Visting Britain website.

The Tour

We pick you up from your hotel and let’s begin with a visit of Bath. You will enjoy the Roman baths and Pump Room.
In the late afternoon we will drive you to Lacock for an early evening supper in a 13th century inn. As the sun begins to set, let's head to discover the Stonehenge. Enter the stone circle (which is normally roped off to the public) for a unique private viewing of Stonehenge.
On selected days the tour operates in reverse. Beginning with a private viewing of Stonehenge before it opens to the public, you will see the impressive stones in the early morning light. Then you go on the tour and visit Lacock and Bath.

Stonehenge Private View

Visiting-Britain-England tours-Stonehenge-siteBuilt nearly 5,000 years ago, Stonehenge is the most famous prehistoric monument in United Kingdom and in the world.
Most visitors are not allowed to get into the inner circle of Stonehenge, you will have a special access to a private viewing of the mysterious monoliths. Entering the stone circle, you will be able to stand beside the mighty Sarsen rocks towering above.
Our guide will explain the history of this ancient site, pointing out the altar, slaughter and heel stones. Some believe this destination was a temple, some think it was a cemetery and others even assume that it was an observatory for the moon.
What was the precise aim of Stonehenge and how was it erected? No one really knows. Enjoy the peace of this outstanding site. Away from the crowds, experience our trip to Stonehenge at its best. This experience is a definite must see!

Lacock Village

Lacock VillageLacock is a small, picturesque village dating back to the Saxon era. Many of the beautiful buildings originally formed part of an extensive monastic complex and are now owned by The National Trust.
The village has been chosen as the setting for many movies and television dramas including Jane Austens Pride and Prejudice and more recently Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone.
Take a delightful walk through town before and savour an early evening supper* (or breakfast for morning tours*) in The George, which is a vintage English pub built in 1361.
*food/drink not included

Bath Visit

Lackock, England Tourslike the Stonehenge, Bath is a World Heritage sites. This Georgian city stands out thanks to its architecture and the famous Roman baths, hence its name Bath. On our guided tour, you will make the most of Bath. You will have time to visit Bath Abbey and Pulteney Bridge, to explore the town or to do shopping. On the tour, we will stop to taste delicious fresh cheeses from the local dairy farms. And if you feel like it, our guide can organize an optional walking tour to the house and workplace of Charles Dickens. Then enter the Roman baths and experience their beauty. The Roman Baths is a truly amaizing sight! Over one million litres of boiling water gush out from the hot springs everyday there.

England Tours - Stonehenge, Lacock and Bath Tour Programme

  • End time: aproximately 6 pm
  • Ticket Price: for children (up to 16 years old) - £78,00 and for adults - £85,00
  • Tour highlights
    • Private viewing of Stonehenge at sunset or sunrise
    • Enter the inner stone circle
    • Visit Lacock, a delightful Saxon village
    • See where Harry Potter and Pride and Prejudice were filmed
    • Meal stop in a 14th century inn *
    • Visit Bath - free time to shop and explore
    • Entrance to the Roman Baths and Pump Room

*food/drinks not included

Please note for the private Viewing of Stonehenge- Enter the inner circle at Stonehenge is not available in October and November due to maintenance work being carried out on the site.

Private visit of Stonehenge, ancient Roman Baths, little charming village of Lacock, awesome attractions to discover England. Book your tour!!!

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