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Windsor Castle and Runnymede

Visiting-Britain-England tours-Windsor-CastleWindsor Castle stands high above the River Thames. From William the Conqueror to Queen Elizabeth II, many monarchs have been living here and left their mark on what is now the largest continuously occupied castle in the world.
The tour includes the entrance to Windsor Castle, you will admire the splendour of St. George's chapel and the magnificent state apartments. The town of Windsor itself is full of traditional shops and historic pubs, with a romantic setting by the riverside.
Shakespeare is said to have written his play "The Merry Wives of Windsor" in one of the pubs! After our visit to Windsor Castle, we will drive through Runnymede, where King John signed the Magna Carta. Visit Windsor Castle and Runnymede, a perfect start to your guided tour.

Stonehenge site

Stonehenge siteStonehenge is a World Heritage sites and it is one of the most famous prehistoric monuments in United Kingdom and in the world.
Stonehenge stands by itself in the vast Salisbury plain. It dates back nearly 5,000 years and has been the home of spiritual worship, pagan religions, and also public debate. Stonehenge stone circle is still one of history's greatest mysteries. Let's explore Stonehenge's engineering and design and extend your visit to the whole site. We will stop in Avebury to take some pictures of the largest stone circles in the region.
Let's continue the tour and head to Oxford!

Oxford tour

Oxford tourYou will spend the end part of the day in Oxford. One of the greatest academic institution in the world, Oxford University hides beautiful chapels, halls and libraries behind its protective walls.
Your guide will take you on a walking tour and tell you about college life and the traditions of Oxford University. In the greatest building of the institution, the colleges' dining hall was chosen as a key location in the Harry Potter film. Reveal the magic of the film and learn about college tradition and university life.
Many famous people such as Albert Einstein and Lewis Carroll walked through Oxford University corridors as they were students. And Lewis Carroll wrote his enchanting story of Alice in Wonderland in the halls of Oxford. During the tour, we will stop at a cosy tea shop in the centre of the city to savour a delicious cream tea (included in the fees).

Stonehenge, Windsor Castle and Oxford Tour programme

  • Ticket Price: for children (up to 16 years old) - £68,00 and for adults - £72,00
  • Tour highlights:
    • Explore Windsor Castle the official residence of the Queen
    • Visit prehistoric Stonehenge built nearly 5,000 years ago
    • Lunch* in a charming English pub
    • Afternoon tour of Oxford followed by a delicious cream tea

*food/drinks not included

Please note for the private Viewing of Stonehenge- Enter the inner circle at Stonehenge is not available in October and November due to maintenance work being carried out on the site.

Windsor Castle, Stonehenge site and Oxford: three of the most famous attractions in England. Book your tour!!!

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