Restaurants in London

Savour traditional and original cuisine in London with Visiting Britain website!

Restaurants, LondonThis page is your personal guide to the London restaurants. London is famous for its historical sightseeing, museums and galleries.
However, the capital of England is also known for the variety of places to go out and to savour wonderful meals.

You can choose among a large number of different cuisines - from traditional British cuisine to exotic Mongolian. Have your pick!

Do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to answer all your questions. in London you can find a restaurant for every taste and budget.

Traditional British cuisine

Off course as you are in Britain you should try traditional English meal: fish and chips. You will be able to find it in nearly every traditional pub and restaurant. Order sticky toffee pudding for dessert and enjoy you meal!
You can also have a tasty traditional English breakfast before you will go on your tour around London. As you are in Britain another must to do thing on your list should be to try traditional English afternoon tea. You can do it in a wide range of cafés, restaurants and hotels.

Style & Food

Restaurants in LondonIf you are keen on visiting one of the posh and stylish restaurants, it will be easy to find one in London.
Visit a restaurant in a Victorian style building to get more accustomed with British cuisine or choose something that you have never tried before.
There is never too much risk to try something new in London! You will not be left disappointed!
London has many restaurants perfect for lunch or dinner with friends or family. Many of them have a unique design and compete with modern galleries.

Family friendly

If you have kids, there is a number of family-friendly restaurants in London. They will be happy to welcome you with your kids and family!

Vegetarian restaurants in London

Vegetarian people will easily find a place to have a meal in London.
The majority of bars, cafés and restaurants usually have quite a few vegetarian meals in their menu.

International Cuisine

London is a multinational megalopolis where different cultures merge together.
So it is not a surprise that you will be able to find a large variety of international cuisines here.
Chinese, Turkish, Lebanese, Japanese and Indian restaurants are by far not the end of the list.

Thai food

Restaurants LondonIf you like Thai food for instance we can recommend you a wonderful restaurant Yum Yum, which serves delicious Thai cuisine.
It is situated in Stoke Newington and can offer you a large variety of exotic food.

Yum Yum has a lovely location and a stunning interior.
It is situated in the Victorian building and has a mixture of beautiful London architecture and fabulous modern style asian design with traditional, Thai notes in it. The restaurant serves vegetarian Thai meals as well.
It also has a fantastic vine collection.

If you would like to make a dinner reservation for an exclusive restaurant with international or traditional British cuisine contact us.