Apsley House, London The Apsley House used to be the residence of the Duke of Wellington and is located at Hyde Park Corner. It is nowadays the last aristocratic building in London, which contains a lot of important paintings made by artists from all over Europe.

The Duke of Wellington settled down here after he defeated the French emperor Napoleon Bonaparte at Waterloo. The house was built by Robert Adam in the years between 1771 and 1778, for Lord Apsley. The Duke of Wellington was the first to think about the renovation of the building, and Benjamin Dean Wyatt was in charge of effect the work. The main part of the renovation was to enlarge the house and within the building you will find the Waterloo Gallery, which is now one of the main London attractions due to the famous paintings of several artists. The Gallery was named after the great victory of Duke Wellington against Napoleon in 1815 at Waterloo. You cannot miss it, if you are visiting Britain. Therefore every year on the 18 June they are serving a special banquet to pay homage to the Duke of Wellington.

Visitors can step into the Apsley House (either museum or gallery) from the 21st March to the 31st October. It will be open from Wednesday to Sunday. And from the 1st November to the 31st March, from Wednesday to Sunday.

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