Banqueting House, London The Banqueting House in Whitehall, London has a long lasting and interesting history and is also very important concerning to the English architecture because it was the first classical building in the style which changed English architecture. This is one of the most beautiful London attractions.

It was designed by Inigo Jones for King James I and built from 1619 to 1622. It is the last relic of the historical Palace of Whitehall which used to be the principal residence of the monarchs from 1530 to 1698 when a fire destroyed most parts of the Palace. Another important incident was the execution of King Charles I in front of the building in January 1649.

Nowadays both Banqueting House and Whitehall are famous target locations for UK tourism. And it is still a venue for banquets in the capital or is the place where high society and often royal and government events are held.

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