Benjamin Franklin House, London Benjamin Franklin is one of the most important people in the history because on the one hand he was one of the founders of America but on the other hand he is also famous for his magnificent creations like lighting rod, the glass harmonica or the Franklin stove.

In the very heart of London is the Benjamin Franklin House situated a great historical venue to get an idea of his work. He lived for 16 years there. But it is not just the Benjamin Franklin House you can visit please note that there are many London attractions around this UK tourism core available on London Pass.

If you visit London or even just visit Britain you should certainly see this 1730 built house. It is a fascinating London attraction with a very long history and amazing architecture. For example it also served as the anatomy school of the pioneering anatomist William Hewson. This one more reason to come there and see how they worked at the Benjamin Franklin House.

The students coming there have the great opportunity to recreate many of the experiments of Benjamin Franklin at the Student Science Centre. This will be an amazing experience for all who are visiting Britain as this challenging experience will be an unforgettable moment.

So you see there are many reasons why you should visit the Benjamin Franklin House while you are visiting Britain. It makes London sightseeing even more worthwhile. It is a special london attraction with a great and interesting history, allowing the visitors to feel how Benjamin Franklin lived and worked.

The Benjamin Franklin House opens usual from 12 to 5 pm from Wednesday to Sunday but please note that it is closed from 24 December – 26 December and on the 29 December.

London Pass is your entrance ticket to it due to the fact that you will save a lot of money as well as you can jump the queue.

Red phone box, London Feel the passion of Benjamin Franklin and the way how is has worked and lived in London. Just take some time on your London sightseeing tour while you are visiting Britain and will not regret your visit.

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