Britain at War Experience, London If you are interested in history and war then you should not miss the opportunity to get an idea of how life was during the Second World War. The Britain at War Museum shows exactly how life was during this dark chapter of mankind.

The operator wants to create a close to reality feeling of its visitors by using sumptuous produced light shows and sound effects to let you be a part of this world changing and horrible time and they try to convey to you how it was to live in the society of that time. To many visitors the Britain at War Museum is like a time machine.

Another highlight is that you can listen to original statements of very influential persons like for example Winston Churchill or Adolf Hitler.

If the Britain at War Museum attracted your attention then Visiting Britain has good news for you, if you buy the London Pass which allows you to visit more than 50 London attractions, you can have the experience of how it was to life during Second World War for free at the Britain at War Museum.

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