Chislehurst CavesChislehurst Caves are located in Chislehurst, a suburb area of Greater London. These caves constitute an interesting part of the London attractions. Chislehurst Caves are men-made mines and they look like a labyrinth, built in the Chislehurst's subsoil.

During the World War II, these caves, entirely made of chalk and flint, were used as bomb shelters (also "air raid shelter"), proper structures for the protection of the population and the soldiers against the enemy attacks from the air. And this is something you cannot miss if you are visiting britain.

Chislehurst Caves entry is completely free with London Pass. Enjoy this piece of London history, and try to image people life condition during that time.

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A tour of these caves, with over 20miles of dark passageways, permits to understand the British way of living in those difficult years. And you will doubtless be able to plunge into that rough atmosphere.

Nowadays Chislehurst Caves are used as a film location by BBC and other independent film companies. The TV programmes "Doctor Who" and "Randal & Hopkirk" were filmed in the Chislehurst Caves.
Chislehurst Caves Tour is a beautiful experience for the whole family.
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