Curzon Mayfair CinemaCurzon Mayfair Cinema is one of the most famous cinemas in London. It offers to its visitors comfort and luxurious treatment and off course a large variety of movies suitable for any taste. London Pass gives you a wonderful opportunity to save money and watch movies in style at the Curzon Mayfair for free.

Curzon Mayfair cinema features central location so you can enjoy London sightseeing and drop to have a break in a comfortable cinema to watch a movie. The selective screening policy of Curzon Mayfair made it a favourite place of all London movie lovers. Mayfair cinema mostly shows art-house and independent films, making the cinema more unique and fun!

Get yourself London Pass and you will be able to watch films in Curzon Mayfair cinema for free instead of paying the usual £10. This is a must visit London attraction for movie lovers. Choose a great movie from the large variety offered and enjoy it in a luxurious atmosphere.

Curzon Mayfair was voted one of the top 5 best-loved and most frequent-visited cinemas in London. It has two wonderful venues with huge screens promising to the visitors great viewing experience. One of the screens is the biggest cinema screen in central London. It also features two Royal boxes each seating four persons.

The cinema has a privilege of hosting at least twelve premiers and other gala events each year! So you never know who set in your seat before you: a royal persona or a world famous celebrity.

Curzon Mayfair has been recently renewed and offers comfortable venue and seats. The cinema represent everything that you can expect from glamorous central London - luxury, style and quality. When you visit Britain and English capital you should not miss this London attraction. Curzon Mayfair cinema certainly deserves your attention.

Film screening is not only one feature of the Mayfair cinema. It also has a fantastic bar where you can have a couple of drinks with your friends before the movie. Barman will prepare your favourite cocktail and you can chill out in inviting atmosphere of the Curzon bar listening to music or charting with your friends.

Take your opportunity and enjoy the masterpieces of the world cinema in Curzon Mayfair. With London Pass it is free at any time of day or night. London Pass gives you a chance to experience better London sightseeing and enjoy free entrance to many amazing London attractions such as Curzon Mayfair cinema for example.

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