Docklands Museum, LondonDocklands Museum is located on the Isle of Dog, Canary Wharf, London. It is a museum entirely dedicated to the history of the River Thames and London as a port.

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Enjoy the art in London, in this cosy museum. History is an important meeting point for the UK tourism. Docklands Museum, gives you an insight into the story of the River thames, when it was the most important commercial exchanging way.
Besides the Docklands Museum houses a permanent gallery exploring the city's relationship with the transatlantic slave trade. It includes lecture theatre and meeting rooms. Besides this museum lodges several events connected with the docks, and in wich took part several docks' past workers. The museum uses the latest presentational techniques, and contains a large collection of historical artefacts, models, and pictures. You will have 12 galleries and children's gallery at your disposal, arranged over two of it's floors, and you'll be directed through the displays in chronological order.

With London Pass you will avail free entrance in this cosy museum. The Docklands Museum is the only London museum carrying a permanent exhibition of the transatlantic slave trade. It represents an interesting place where you can have a good time with your friends or with your family.
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