Eltham Palace Visit Britain to enjoy World's most beautiful architectural sights! Eltham palace represent one of the architectural masterpieces of London sightseeing and is a must see tourist destination.

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This is one of many fascinating London attractions that gives you a chance to travel to two different time frames. It consists of original and new buildings. Original palace was given to Edward the Second in 1305. It was used as Royal Residence for two centuries.

Eltham palace was hosting Manuel II Palaiologos, the only one Byzantine emperor that ever visited England. Tudor family liked to have Christmas diners here . Eltham place is surrounded by beautiful parks which were often used as hunting grounds. The Little, or Middle Park, Great Park, Home Park, or Lee Park used to be filled with deer, foxes and other animals. However, during English civil war the parks were denuded of trees and destroyed. In 1656 John Evelin came to see the Royal residence and found and found the palace in ruins and all the noble parks destroyed.

London Pass gives you the opportunity to visit The current Eltham house for free. It is a beautiful masterpiece of 20th century architecture. It was built in 1930s by Textile magnates Stephen and Virginia Courtauld. They reconstructed some parts of the palace and created a nice blend of history, style and fashion.

Some parts of the old building is incorporated in to the sights of the new one. The new Eltham Palace incorporates original Great Hall of the Eltham palace which features the third-largest hammerbeam roof in England.

Walk around the beautiful gardens of Eltham Palace . They sink in roses and other beautiful flowers and plants. Fragments of the old walls still can be seen around the beautiful garden of the Palace and you still can cross the moat by the 15th century bridge.

Why not visit this unique London attraction which combines the best features of a medieval palace with a 20th century high society venue. Get your self London Pass and you can enjoy visit to Eltham Palace for free.

Eltham palace was often used as a venture for many famous movies including Bright Young Things. The house features fascinating collection of art pieces and sets of amazing luxurious furniture.

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