Estorick collection of Italian ArtAre you visiting Britain and looking for more London attractions to see? Than why not see Estorick collection of Italian Modern Art for FREE using London Pass?

Beautiful Georgian building hosts a fascinating art collection of the Italian Modern Art. It is a perfect London attraction for a relaxing afternoon to see sculpture and futurist paintings. The gallery has a perfect location in the Canonbury Square in the district of Islington in the north central London.

Estorick collection is only one museum fully dedictaed to Italian modern art in the United Kingdom. The collection was founded by American sociologist and writer Eric Estorick. He began the collection after second world war after he and his wife Salome moved to England. When they were on their honeymoon in Italy Eric and Salome found a book about Futurist Painting and Sculpture after that they visited a couple of galleries dedicated to Italian Modern Art and purchased the majority of collection of the Italian futurist painter Mario Sironi.

Their collection was mainly built up between 1953 and 1955 and was shown in a numerous temporary exhibitions till it finally found its home in the beautiful Georgian house where you can observe it nowadays.

See Estorick collection of modern art with London Pass! The exhibition has some of the most famous Italian art pieces from 20th centrury. Collection mainly represents paintings in futurist style. Futurism is a movement in art founded in 1909 by F. T. Marinetti and that took speed, technology and modernity as its inspiration.

The exhibition displays works of such famous artist as Umberto Boccioni, who was one of the first followers of futurism, and Medardo Rosso, who was one of the most influential sculptors of his time.

This London attraction is the only one gallery in the UK which represents the importance of Italian Modern art to European art development and culture. The gallery also has a number of workshops for adults as well as for children where you can discuss the subjects and themes represented on the exhibition.

If you like more intimate smaller art galleries than visit Estorick Collection of Modern Italian Art using your London Pass today! This is must see London attraction for real art lovers. With London Pass you can visit it for free.

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