Eton College

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Eton college was founded in 1440 by Henry the Sixth as a charity school in order to provide education for seventy poor students who than would go to receive a further education in King's college in Cambridge.

When Eton college was founded it was given a number of grants such as land and several religious relics. When Henry the Sixth was replaced by Edward the Fourth, the new king took all the endowments and treasures of the school. Lacking the necessary income and financial support the school construction became very slow and the half of the teaching staff was cut.

During the centuries Eton college grew and prosper only thanks to its reach generosity of wealthy benefactors. Therefore many buildings now bear their names and serving the best monument for their deeds.

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Nineteen former British Prime Ministers attended this school and there are other famous scientists and writers who used to be pupils of Eton college


When you are in Eton college you can also visit a beautiful town of Eton which is surrounded by 5000 acres of Crown land and is a perfect place for a day outside. London attractions nearby include Windsor castle, where you can also get a free entry using your London Pass.

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