Fan Museum Are you tired from paintings exhibitions and classical museums than why not to visit something different for a change? Fan museum is unique opportunity to see development of art of different kind. London Fan museum is only one museum in the world fully dedicated to fan fashion development, fan's history and making.

The museum is set in a beautiful building built in 18th century and gives you the opportunity to see a large collection of 3500 fans, some of which are from the 11th century. Visit Fan museum for free with London Pass!

The history of fan's development in the UK and other countries is a fascinating one. Once being a simple means of cooling its owner it went through historic and fashion transformation and became one of the main fashion accessories.

Exhibition is devised in to different themes and collections, taking in to account the purpose of the fans and their status. The first mentioning of fans are traced up to 3000 BC. Interesting fact is that at the beginning all the fans were quite the same and usually were fixed type, not folding like we usually imagine them. First folding fans were brought to Europe from Japan and China and were expensive toys for the rich being in the same time symbol of class and status.

Fan Museum has permanent collection as well as changing temporary exhibitions. You will be see the best fans from China and Japan as well as the classic examples of French fashion of 18th century. Some of the pieces belonged to the famous historical characters and royal family. Some of them were painted by famous artists and represent a true art masterpieces.

Get yourself London Pass and visit Fan museum for free! You will not be disappointed. Rich collection of Fan museum gives you an opportunity to spend the whole day in the gallery. You also can find out how fans were made and even have a workshop and make your own fan. Moreover, you also can have an opportunity to walk around Japanese style garden which is situated here.

Just one of the many Greenwich and London attractions, Fan museum provides unique experience. While you are still in the area why not visit National Maritime Museum – London Pass Holders are entitled to a free souvenir visitor's guide

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