Florence Nightingale Museum London Florence Nightingale Museum is an interesting place dedicated to Florence Nightingale's life. She was a nurse and statistician, born in an upperclass family. She became famous during the Crieman War, when hospital death rates began to rise. In that time Florence Nightingale solved the problem of the death rising in the hospitals: she effected the sanitary design of the hospitals, fluishing out the sewers and improvements to ventilation.

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Florence Nightingale Museum is an important meeting point for the UK tourism. Florence Nightingale played a such vital role in the fighting against the death rising of many soldiers, that she soon got the nickname "The lady with the Lamp". In fact The times wrote about Florence Nightingale that she was a "ministering angel". Actually she can be considered the founder of the modern nursing profession in Britain.

The Florence Nightingale Museum is a cosy place where you can spend some time alone or with your family, enjoying an incredible collection of artefacts from Florence Nightingale's lifetime, including 53 books that she wrote.
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