Guards Museum, LondonEstablished in 1988, the Guards Museum is an interesting military museum of London, that will give you an insight into the Household Cavarly and Foot Guards.

The Guards Museum is located in the center of London, in Wellington Barracks. It is an interesting place for all of you that are interested about the military history of London.
This is one of the most popular London museums and if you are visiting Britain, you can't miss it.

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The Guards Museum entrance is free, if you hold London Pass. This museum will give you also an interesting insight into the Royal Family, chronologically categorized, and their long association with the military.

Guards Museum Tour is a good opportunity to spend a great time alone or with the whole family. It will be very interesting to learn about British guards history. Besides in this museum you'll find displayed uniforms for the five Royal Regiment, dating from the Civil War.

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