HMS Belfast, London The HMS Belfast used to be one of the most important vessels during World War II and also in the time after for Britain. It was a very powerful light cruisers ever was build and is now transformed into a museum ship in front of the Tower Bridge.

The History of this amazing ship is very manifold due to the different wars it served,for example in the Second World War as well as in the Korean War. Together with the HMS Edinburgh the ship built an imposing naval blockade on Germany during World War II. In 1939 a German Submarine was close to destroy the HMS Belfast with a magnetic mine but after 3 years of reparations the HMS Belfast was back on sea.

In total the ship remained serving until 1965 but in military engagements just until 1952 which was enough to become a heroic element of Britain's war history.

The ship became a museum in 1971 should be definitely a part of your London tour, when you are visiting Britain. It is not only one of London attractions, it is a must-see attractions. The guests have the opportunity to visit all nine decks including the impressive boiler and engine rooms. You will also have a look at the anti-aircraft guns and most of all you can just get an idea how life was on board.

Red phone box, LondonWith the London Pass you can make this experience for free. You will also have a lot of other benefits if you are a London Pass holder when you visit many other London attractions and museums like Southwark Cathedral and the Tower Of London.

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