Jewel Tower, London The Jewel Tower is one of two leavings of the medieval royal Palace of Westminster. The small three storey building is also famous under the name "King's Privy Wardrobe". It was built by King Edward III to house the precious goods and chatters and was protected by an extra moat.

The Jewel Tower and the Westminster Hall are the only two buildings who survived the time. The Jewel Tower is located just in the heart of a main core of UK tourism close to London attractions like Westminster Abbey or Big Ben, right across the road from the Houses of Parliament. Many major London attractions where you can also use the London Pass are just a few minutes walk away from the Jewel Tower.

Nowadays the nearly unaltered is the host for the constantly executed Parliament Past and Present exhibition. A chance to get some very interesting information about the English and more lately the British Parliament. An amazing trip from the past to the present with a view into the future.

The London Pass can give you the chance to enter this very historic building and many other London attractions and museums as well as many historic momentous venues like Hampton Court Palace, St Paul's Cathedral and the Tower Of London for free. It also allows you to jump the queue and get quick access to the building.

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