Kew Bridge Steam MuseumKew Bridge Steam Museum has been built in the 19th century to supply London with water. This museum is the most important historic site of the water supply industry in Britain.
You will be able to admire the outstanding collection of steam pumping engines collected all around the country: Cornish engines and the rotative engines.

Cornish engines

The main characteristic of this type of engine is that a falling weight lifted by the engine does the pumping. This weight is positioned above the pump, which is linked to a beam, with the piston attached to the opposite end of this beam. The weight is lifted by a combination of steam pressure above, and vacuum below, the piston. The collection of Cornish engines of the Kew Bridge Steam Museum is the largest in the world.

Rotative engines

For this kind of engine the crank converts the linear motion of the piston into a rotary motion. Cranks and large flywheels are used to make the engines operate steadily and smoothly. All the engines have been fixed and restored by staff and vonlunteers.

Moreover this exhaustive collection bears witness to the main improvements in steam engine technology. In addition to these engines, you can see collected examples of diesel, electric, water and animal powered pumping engines.
Every weekend, you can see either the Cornish or rotative engines in action. A 1927 Lancashire boiler from the battle hospital donated to the museum in 1975 generates steam.

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