Pollocks Toy Museum, LondonEstablished in 1956, the Pollocks Toy Museum is an amazing toys museum of London, that will give you an insight into the children shiny toys's world .

The Pollocks Toy Museum is located in the center of London, near Covent Garden, in 44 Monmouth Street. It is an exciting place, where you can spend a few hours dip into the kid's world. This museum was started just in a sigle attic room, but later the enterprise flourished and other rooms were taken for the museum and the whole groundfloor became a toyshop. By 1969 the Pollocks toys shop was moved to 1 Scala Street and opened a museum shop on the ground floor to contribute to its support.

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The Pollocks Toy Museum entrance is free, if you hold London Pass. This museum nowadays occupies two joined houses, in the heart of Fitzrovia. It will give you the chance to enjoy the large collection of toys from all around the world, including puppets, stages and theatres.

Pollocks Toy Museum Tour is a good opportunity to spend a great time alone or with the whole family. It will be very exciting to jump into the kids& fairytale world. You will feel like you are living a second childhood.

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