tower bridge exhibitionTower Bridge is one of the famous bridge in the world and a must-see attraction in London. The Tower Bridge exhibition is located inside the bridge itself.
Considered a technological marvel, Tower bridge was built at the end of the 19th century to simplify road traffic and maintain river access for the Pool of London activity. The giant moveable roadways are very impressive when they are in action. Have a look in the bridge to discover how it run. This icon of London bears witness to Victorians involved in its design and construction.

Enjoy a spectacular panoramic view of East and West London from the Brigde's high-level Walkways. Make beautiful pictures thanks to the special viewing windows of the Walkways and play with the interactive tools to learn more about the famous buildings you can see from there.

You can also descend into the Victorian Engine Rooms, home of the original steam engines. Exciting hands-on mechanisms and information panels explain about the ingenious technology used over the years to keep Tower Bridge in motion.
Have a look at the Tower Bridge website to be informed of the bascules raise. It took place around 1000 times a year as the river traffic is now much reduced, but it still takes priority over road traffic. Today, 24 hours notice is required before opening the bridge.

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