Tower of LondonAre you Visiting Britain and having London Tour? Than Tower of London is a must see place. Being one of the most famous UK tourism attraction, Tower of London accepts only a limited amount of people for the tour around this heritage monument.

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The first building in the Tower of London was The White Tower. It was built by William the Conguerer and is also called the Mighty Tower. Here you will be able to find Henry VIII/apos;s armour collection and amazing 11th century Chapel of St John the Evangelist.

Tudors continued the building of the Tower of London. Henry the VIII/apos;s commissioned large range of lodgings to the Tower as for the future royal residence. However, the tower was not used for this purpose for long. Soon it was turned in to a prison for nobles and royalty. In this time the Tower of London got itself another name – The Bloody Tower. Anne Boleyn – the secon wife of Henry VIII- was executed in the almighty fortress. In this period, the Tower/apos;s walls saw many executions and hidden many awful secrets of betrayal, unfairness and torture.

Crown Jewels is another fascinating exhibition that you can see in the Tower of London. Diamonds, emeralds and rubies will make your eyes shine in the different unknown way! It is a truly fascinating site! The only one attempt was in 1671 by Colonel Blood and he failed. See the Imperial State Crown and other Crown Jewels with London pass!

Notice that Tower of London tickets normally costs £16. With London Pass you can enjoy this amazing museum for free. Moreover, why not visit other famous London attractions which lie near by? Tower of London is close to Tower Bridge which you will be able to enter for free if you have a London Pass. Other London attractions in the area include Southwalk Cathedral, The HMS Belfast and the Old Operating Theatre Museum.

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