Wellington ArchThe Wellington Arch is a triumphal arch built to commemorate the Britain Victories in the Napoleonic wars. Also named the Constitution Arch, it is located to the south of Hyde Park in central London.

King Georges IV decided to erect this Arch and Marble Arch in 1825. Wellington Arch was designed by Decimus Burton and built between 1826 and 1830.
To facilitate the road scheme and traffic, the arch was moved in 1882-3 on Hyde Park Corner. Today it is a central point of a large traffic island and acquired a new position as the entrance to Constitution Hill.

From viewing platforms beneath the Wellington Arch magnificent sculpture (“Peace Descending on the Chariot of War”) you can perch high above the traffic below and see exceptional views of the surrounding parks and monuments: Hyde Park, Green Park, Constitution Hill and Buckingham Palace Gardens.

The Wellington Arch is a great tourist site to watch the mounted Horse Guards, which pass between its majestic columns every day while exhibitions inside tell of this London arch's fascinating history and introduce the statues and memorials of London.
Part of the English Heritage since 1999, the Arch is open to the public and contains three floors of exhibits about the history of the arch and some of its uses.

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