Wimbledon Lawn Tennis MuseumWimbledon Lawn Tennis Museum is a must visit London attraction. If you are in sports and love tennis than Wimbledon Tennis Museum will be a breathtaking experience for you. In the museum you will be able to find collection of all major Tennis trophiesa nd to find out more about the development of tennis. Visit Wimbledon Tennis Museum with London Pass.

The museum was opened by Duke of Kent in 2006. It is fully dedicated to tennis and its heroes. It has a number of features that you will not be able to find in many cinemas around the world and that are unique to Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Museum. In one of the rooms halls of the Wimbledon Tennis museum you will be able to see amazing cinema with 200° screen. It will take you in to the Championship and will demonstrate you the science of tennis.

Another feature of Wimbledon Lawn Museum is the ghost of McEnroe. Using the fascinating technology Wimbledon Museum invites you for the journey to the past. The ghost like image of McEnroe appears and takes you for the tour around recreated 1980s Gentlemen’s dressing room and walks you through his memories about the championships.

Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Museum represents a fascinating mix of tennis history and recently developed technology. Interactive touch screen consoles are displayed through out different exhibitions. Enjoy the newest technology and find out more about tennis and its history with London Pass! The usual price for the ticket is £8.50 but with London Pass you can enter Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Museum for free.

In Wimbledon Tennis Museum you also will be able to see the 'Get a Grip' rotating wheel of rackets. Adults and kids can both enjoy interactive game 'The Reactor' g. There is also access to the archive of great past Championship matches.On displays in Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Museum you can also track the development of tennis fashion. It should be noticed that Wimbledon always was a place for tennis fashion gurus. The collection includes many pieces including 1880 Rafeal Nadal's dri-fit 'pirate' trousers worn in 2005 are on display.

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