Wimbledon Lawn Tennis MuseumIf you are visiting Britain than you just must know more about traditional British game: Tennis. London Pass gives you an opportunity to visit one of the most famous tours in London. Do not miss your chance to experience Wimbledon tour!

Wimbledon Tour Experience will give you the opportunity to find out more about Tennis and its development. The Wimbledon Tour will take you to the places where even tournament ticket holders are not allowed to enter. This tour won a numerous awards and is known to be one of the best London attractions.

Specially trained guides will lead you through tennis history and its heroes with their most glorious moments in championship. With London Pass you will be able to get inside press interview room, where most famous tennis players have been interviewed after the match. Feel their excitement and listen to amazing stories from you guide.

Wimbledon Tour Experience will take you to the hallowed ground of No. 1 court and the Millennium building, which represent a truly spectacular sightseeing. Notice that it is recommended to pre-book you Wimbledon tour as there is a high demand for this tour. Make you London Tour easier with London Pass! It gives you a free entrance to many other London attractions. Usually the Wimbledon tour costs £18, with London Pass you are entitled to a free entrance!

The Wimbledon Tour experience also includes visit to Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Museum which will give you more insight in to tennis and will represent you the recent technology that will make your experience unforgeable. You should also visit Water Gardens that lie near by. Water gardens is a little but truly fantastic feature of the club which will show you the stuning views of the city.

Visit Chelsea FC Stadium and HMS Belfast.

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