Avenue Q - Gielgud Theatre

  • Venue: Gielgud Theatre, London
  • Genre: Musical Comedy
  • Dates: Present - Saturday 26th September 2009
  • Times: Monday - Thursday at 8pm, Friday at 5.30pm & 8.30pm, Saturday at 5pm & 8.30pm
  • Duration: 2 hours 15 minutes
  • Prices & Availabilities: Enquire with Gift-Tours!

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Avenue Q visiting Britain

The theatre critics have been very nice to Avenue Q this year again by making very praising reviews. It looks like it is going to become London musical of the year again after running three years in a row. The musical is directed by Jason Moore from an idea of Robert Lopez and Jeff Marx. In America the show is a real hype and they sell Avenue Q merchandise everywhere.

After the first appearance of the musical on Broadway in 2003 the crazy team of Avenue Q started a very successful tour around the world. Three years ago it finally ended up in London theatre where it was welcomed with open arms.

Avenue Q is a crazy comedy with an extremely talented cast and it is completely performed with puppets.

The story begins in the famous Avenue Q where a group of flatmates (our main characters) are constantly whining about their lives. They like the phrase “my life sucks“. Their unemployememt and unlucky existence develop a very funny whiny vibe through out the musical. The musical really has a New York atmosphere and puts you in the middle of New York.

The handyman Gary and few eccentric puppets (four puppets and two monsters) are the recipe for this unique happening. As the gang looks for a purpose in their life they become good friends, share secrets and even have sexual intercourse. The puppeteers say that the real stars are the puppets. They make fun of each other and they are the heart and soul of the musical.

With not so romantic songs such as the internet hit “the internet is for porn“ and “it sucks to be me“ the songs will surely stay on your mind for months to come.

Because of the vast number of vulgar scenes and themes, Avenue Q can only be viewed by mature audience. The musical is not offensive to people but it is a bit rebellious against some ideas about homosexuality, racism, porno.

In general the reviews are praising and uplifting. The puppeteers are very talented and spontaneous.

Avenue Q is a real addition to the musical world! It has brought a real exiting own style to the West End London Theatres.

Do not miss this successful, weird and mind blowing London musical!

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