Calendar girls - Noel Coward Theatre

  • Venue: Noel Coward Theatre, London
  • Genre: Comedy
  • Dates: Saturday 4th April 2009 - Wednesday 19th September 2009
  • Times: Monday - Saturday at 7.30pm, Wednesday & Saturday at 2.30pm
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calendar girls visiting Britain

Calendar Girls is a play based on the same named movie “calendar Girls” and the true story of the successful charity raising for leukemia research. This daring and inspiring play, wonderfully shows a group on middle aged naked women.

When Annie Clark's husband dies of the illness of leukemia, she comes to the decision to buy a nice comfortable couch for visitors in the Lobby in the hospital where her husband died.

To raise money for Leukemia research and awareness campaign Annie comes up with a daring but ingenuous idea to convenience ten of her friends to make a nude calendar. After some hard thinking these women all give in and decide to make the calendar. Annie then hires a Photographer to help her get ideas for the theme of the calendar. And they decide it will be about everyday things such as cooking, gardening, knitting etc.

when the calendar starts gaining popularity it starts to become a problem with the local women institute when they refuse the publishing of the calendar. The women then take the matter to the National congress and they grant them the permission to publish the calendar. The women and the calendar are called the Calendar girls in general by the public and the press. Making them known nationally and internationally. The girls were even asked to come on the Jay Leno Show. The calendar became even more famous giving them a revenue of over £1.3 million that goes straight to leukemia research.

In time fame fosters even more controversy and tension between Annie and Chris. Chris and Annie completely break each other down with discussions about there personal lives. Annie believes that Chris is neglecting her husband and children, while Chris thinks that Annie is taking a mother Theresa like status with the public. After a while the two lower the tension and go back to there lives with clothing on.

Calendar Girls is a inspirational story based on the real Angela Barker and her Calendar Girls that has been translated to a comical play for your entertainment. The show makes the audience feel compassion and emotion and will also have them rolling in there chairs.

This London play has received a lot of good reviews from newspapers and magazines here is what the evening standards says about the play:
"The stage version of Calendar Girls achieves the rare and pleasing feat of outstripping the film both in terms of heart and humor. One of the most enjoyable evenings 2008 theatre has produced.- Evening Standard."

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