Dirty Dancing - Aldwych Theatre

  • Venue: Aldwych Theatre, London
  • Genre: Musical
  • Dates: Present - Saturday 17 October 2009
  • Times: Monday - Saturday at 7.30pm, Friday & Saturday at 3pm
  • Duration: 2 hours 35 minutes
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Dirty Dancing visiting Britain

More amazing then ever before Dirty Dancing is yet another great translation from the Big screen to the stage. This London musical classic is here to entertain you with its rhythmic music and Dirty Dancing!

Generations have fallen in love with the the notes of "Dirty Dancing" many people have dreamt about the intense love story between Baby and Johnny, now it is your turn to dream.

The story of Dirty Dancing is mainly the jump of a naïve teenager in the world of adulthood. The play is written by Eleanor Bergstein and the music composed by Chong Lim. The structure of the musical is exactly the same as the film with the same songs and same great feeling. But the play does have some great new dance scenes in it which are different from the movie.

This famous tale is set in the summer of 1963, the young girl Baby and her parents are having a summer holiday, and Baby is a prudent and well mannered educated girl that has dreams and plans for her future but far from thinking about love or boyfriends.

She will meet the very handsome dancing instructor Johnny Castle and the attraction between each other is unavoidable.

Johnny is an off limit desire for Baby what makes him even more desirable and he becomes completely irresistible after she discovers the dirty dancing the staff enjoys secretly. Because of a series of fate events Baby and Johnny start spending a lot of time together. Eventually falling in love their secret affair begins. The two lovers are unlucky when everything starts working against them. Baby's father finds out about the affair, he is completely against their relationship and wants them to separate.

The final scene of the musical is awesome with the famous song "nobody puts Baby in a corner" and the last and best Dirty Dancing!

Dirty Dancing can sometimes be a bit predictable, but the innocence and the magic are always the time your life. This London musical is suitable for all ages and Dirty Dancing is a real feel good show full of passion and love. The musical is a true masterpiece expressed through dancing and singing. It is also a London musical about principles and respect. Anyone can learn of the thin line of independence or family devotion in this musical.

Since the first performance in 2006 "Dirty Dancing" still remains to be one of the true showstoppers in the West End of London. The reviews have always been praising and confirm that this musical is a classic one.

The musical is being performed in the Aldwych theatre where "Fame" and other famous London musicals were performed too.

If you want to see a passionate young romance, this musical will fulfil your desire.

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