Grease - Piccadilly Theatre

  • Venue: Piccadilly Theatre, London
  • Genre: Musical
  • Dates: Present - Saturday 31 October 2009
  • Times: Monday - Thursday & Saturday at 7.30pm, Friday at 5.30pm & 8.30pm, Saturday at 3pm
  • Duration: 2 hours 15 minutes
  • Prices & Availabilities: make an enquiry at Visiting Britain website.

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It is always the right time to come and see Danny Zuko and his gang "Grease Lightning" in action. The musical is full of greasy hair and rock and roll just what every Grease fan wants. The musical has all the songs you know. After a long and successful tour the musical is back in London for your entertainment.

Lots of incredible choreographies and songs that generations have been dreaming of. Such as "summer nights" and "we go together" and of course the epic final song "your the one that I want". The musical made its first debut on the London west end in 1973 and in 2007 Grease is back with a brand new version of this number one classic. The musical is directed by David Gilmore with choreography by Arlene Phillips.

The plot is about the same as the movie's one and the main characters are two groups of teenage boys and girls named respectively "Grease lightning" and the "Pink Ladies"! The story begins with the leader of "Grease Lightning" Danny Zuko and the timid and innocent girl Sandy who just came to live in town.

Sandy comes to the new town thinking that her summer boyfriend would be the sweet same guy she met on holiday. But the opposite is true in his own town he is the leader of "Grease Lightning" and a real tough guy. Sandy and Danny are still in love and need to mature to be able to be together. This all makes a very funny comedy: Johnny and Sandy are trying to get each other in love and learning about themselves in the process.

Grease is still and will always be a favourite classic of all musicals lovers. The musical is suitable for all ages although, sometimes it has adult themes but these are acted with in a naïve and simple way.

For this season you can see Grease at the Piccadilly theatre in London it is not to far from Piccadilly station.

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