Les Misérables

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  • Venue: The Queens Theatre, London
  • Genre: Musical
  • Dates: Present - Friday 27 February 2010
  • Times: Saturday at 7.30pm, Wednesday & Saturday at 3pm
  • Duration: 3 hours
  • Prices & Availabilities: Enquire with Visiting Britain!
Les Misérables

One of the most famous London Musicals is Les Misérables, which was adapted for stage performances 23 years ago and which is now one of the most famous musicals around the world. Les Misérables debuted in London in 1985, where it is still running at The Queens Theatre with a great success. The musical has been shown in 40 different countries and translated in 21 languages.

This London musical is based on the famous novel by Victor Hugo. It is about the society in France in the times of French Revolution. It has many interesting twists and hides many philosophical questions about society and its life.

The story line takes us to the France of 19th century. The main character of Les Misérables is Jean Valjean has been released from 19 year-long imprisonment for stealing bread to feed his sister. He is released with yellow passport giving him a convict mark for life time. He cannot find a job, forced to leave on the streets and is rejected by the society... Many misfortunes lie on his way and he becomes more and more angry on life and unfairness finally he becomes hunted by the police one more time.

The story will continue with Jean Valjean changing his name and becoming a wealthy factory owner and the mayor of the town. Will this finally bring peace to his life? What he does not know is that the town's police inspector starts suspecting him of being a prisoner and a convict. How will his life change? What other dangers will he have to face on his way? Find out in Queens Theatre watching this amazing London musical!

The story of Les Misérables is heart breaking, full of courage and passion Choreography in this musical is directed by Barry Ivan and spectacular musical show by Anne Shuttlesworth. Les Misérables touches events such as the students revolution movement in the restrictive and revolutionary France of the early nineteenth century, prostitution, betrayal and deep friendships.

It has been said by critics that the strength of Les Misérables is its excellent orchestra: the music is just lovely with harmonic melody. But off course there is much more in this wonderful London musical! It has outstanding actors who give excellent performance, dancing, singing! You will not be left disappointed!

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