Stomp - The Ambassador's Theatre

  • Venue: The Ambassador's Theatre, London
  • Genre: Dance
  • Dates: Present - Saturday 18 October 2009
  • Times: Monday & Thursday - Saturday at 8pm, Sunday at 2pm & 5.30pm, Thursday & Saturday at 3pm
  • Duration: 2 hours 30 minutes
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Stomp show is really original, it consists of percussion improvised music. Luke Cresswell and Steve McNicholas created this show in 1991 and brought it everywhere around England and America.

Stomp story involves 8 characters who have to play their own role in society. Each one performs with objects such as dustbins, brooms and saucepans and create a very aesthetically pleasing and musically unique show. This show is really extraordinary because of its superposition of percussion sounds that manages to keep the audience entertained and amazed without using conventional dialogue or normal music instruments.

As the music is mostly improvised, every show is different and unique in its execution and performance. From the US to London, the performances will exhilarate you and will remain an unforgettable experience.

Critics are mixed. On one hand, some critics are rave as the show is really unique, original and uncommon, it is a new freshly style in shows which makes the difference with other conventional plays and musicals performances. On the other hand, some find it ridiculous since they use dustbins and fried pans to play music, they think that percussion shows are arty rubbish with no concrete artistic substance.

Finally, despite some severe press reviews, Stomp is in fact a very outstanding and ground-breaking performance that will lead you off the beaten track. The creators of Stomp were brave enough to put together a show that tried to make a success out of a completely new concept. It is only through such creative work that theatre and the arts will develop and progress and it is clear that a lot of shows will be influenced by productions like this one in the future.

Stomp is obviously suitable for all audiences young and old, but it may not appeal to those interested in more traditional and conventional west-end theatre. Those interested in artistic and creative theatre and percussion will particularly adore Stomp.

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