The Lion King - Lyceum Theatre

  • Venue: Lyceum Theatre, London
  • Genre: Musical
  • Dates: Present - Sunday 4 October 2009
  • Times: Tuesday - Saturday at 7.30pm, Wednesday & Saturday at 2pm, Sunday at 3pm
  • Duration: 2 hours 45 minutes
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The Lion King

The Lion King is one of the best London Shows.
This London musical was set for the first time in London West End Theatres in October 1999 in Lyceum Theatre, where it is still shown today. The Lion King Musical was enjoyed by more than 7 million West End musical fans and is celebrating its anniversary this year. It has been on stage in London for 10 years and is still one of the best musicals shown in West End Theatres!

The Lion King is based on the Disney classic cartoon. This London musical will take you on the trip to wild Africa. The main character of the musical is lion prince Simba. In the beautiful but full of danger jungles he will start his life pass.
His father king of all animals will give him a numerous life lessons and guidance. Simba will learn about values like bravery and respect. He will find out about the secret of Cycle of Life. Little lion does not know yet what dangers the future holds in store for him. He is going to leave his home, go for a long journey that will make him a true king and meet many new friends.

The Lion King is a fantastic London musical full of colour, amazing costumes and dancing. You will be carried away with the story line in to a magical jungle world. The Lion King musical is directed by Garth Fagan, the music was done by legendary Elton John and the dialogues written by Tim Rice. Fascination dancing, exhilarating costumes and wonderful singing will not leave you disappointed with the show!

The Lion King is a musical suitable for any ages. It is touching, entertaining and very bright. Sit back and enjoy the wonderful music and fascinating choreography. Get yourself a ticket to this amazing London musical and see the adventures of brave Simba and his friends!
It is suitable for kids as for adults. This London musical is perfect for family time out. Visit Britain and see the world wide famous musicals and plays in the Capital of England – London. Visiting Britain also offers a variety of London Tours and England Tours.

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