War Horse - New London Theatre

  • Venue: New London Theatre, London
  • Genre: Drama Theatre Play
  • Dates: Saturday 28 March 2009 – Saturday 26 September 2009
  • Times: Monday – Saturday 7:30PM , Thursday and Saturday 2:30PM
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War Horse

War Horse play is based on a novel by Michael Morpurgo. The play is directed by Tom Morris and Marianne Elliot, the songs were written by John Tams and the music is composed by Adrian Sutton. The combination of so many talented people just can produce one of the greatest theatre shows.

The plot of War Horse is about the friendship between a boy and a horse at the time of World War I. In Devon, Albert a young boy was offered an horse by his father, quickly strong bonds born between Albert and Joey, the horse. They spend all their time together until the World War I triggers and Albert's father sells the poor animal to the cavalry. Albert is torn, he cannot bear the fact that Joey is going to the war without him. That is why he decides to lie about his age and join the army in order to be with his friend.

Albert goes to France where Joey was shipped. He fights on the battle field trying to find his friend. In this terrible war he is led to fight for both sides before ending up in a no man's land still looking for his beloved animal.

Music and sounds such as staggering horses and screaming men make you feel in the middle of the battle field. The puppetry and the movements are so amazing that you think the horses are real. Indeed, the horses are life sized models with wooden frames covered with clothes and paper. This original play won many awards such as the Olivier Award and Critics' Circle Award.

War Horse has been recommended by many critics. War Horse got 5 stars in the Daily mail, Mail on Sunday, Sunday Times, and The Times. Here are some examples of the fantastic reviews, this West End play got:
The Times: "Heart-breakingly beautiful. It makes you rejoice to be alive."
Daily Telegraph: "Powerfully moving and imaginative, whatever age you happen to be."

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