Zorro - Garrick Theatre

  • Venue: Garrick Theatre, London
  • Genre: Musical
  • Dates: Present - Saturday 12 September 2009
  • Times: Monday - Saturday at 7.30pm, Thursday & Saturday at 3pm
  • Duration: 2 hours 40 minutes
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Zorro is the exciting musical currently being shown at London's fantastic Garrick Theatre. Based on the book and the lyrics of Stephen Clark and with music by the cool Gipsy Kings band. The current musical production has an excellent and highly experienced cast including Matt Rawle as Diego and Emma Williams as Luisa.

It is choreographed by Spain's one and only Raphael Amargo, who is world wide known as a legend and is in highly demanded by many theatre companies.

Zorro is about a Spanish masked nobleman who secretly attempts to defend his people and land from villainous aristocrats and greedy businessmen in Mexico.
Zorro's mask adds mystery to this noble character. This creates a sense of suspense in the musical as the audience is on the edge of their seats at the moment when the mask will be unveiled and the hero receives a worthy recognition of his efforts and bravery.

Indeed this London production is overwhelming and spectacular and will astound audiences with its terrific choreography, top-class Gipsy King music, excellent and ground breaking acting performances from famous theatre actors. On top of all that, there is the marvellous setting of the Garrick Theatre. This show ensures fighting scenes with excellent special effects and props.

The musical fits every age, it is perfect great entertainment for all the family. Do not hesitate to bring your children, they will discover the a-temporal Spanish hero.

Zorro musical performed at the Garrick theatre in London received many praising reviews:
Telegraph: "Zorro has stormed into the West End and his derring-do proves the perfect antidote to the credit-crunch blues."
The Guardian by Michael Billington: "The show may not be high art but it's great fun and brings a refreshingly different, Hispanic sound to the jaded world of West End musicals."

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