London Duck Tour

You have never been in London before? You do not know how to start your trip? Than why not to start your London sightseeing by choosing The Duck tour on visiting Britain website!

London Duck TourLondon Duck tour offers you an amazing possibility to experience a London sightseeing tour on land as well as on the water along the River Thames.
And you even will not have to change the means of transport. It is an adventure suitable for all age ranges.

About the Ducks

The ducks are also known as DUKW, which is a six-wheel-drive amphibious truck designed by General Motors Corporation during the Second world war. It was mainly used for transporting, goods, weapons and troops on the land and on water. More than 21,000 were built to take troops ashore for the D-day - operation in Normandy.

After the war many of the Ducks were disposed off and a small number were given to citizen's force units, some to the rescuer units and police departments.
Each vehicle has undergone through refurbishment and was equipped with the latest environmental friendly technology.
Enjoy the cool breeze from the river and the awesome view of the capital of England in comfort.

St Paul's Cathedral London Duck tour on land

Book this tour and you will have a chance to see DUKWs in action.
Your tour will begin at Chicheley St Waterloo which is located just behind the London Eye.
Here the Duck will take you on board and further into the London sightseeing tour.
Your first part of the Duck tour on land along the River Thames.
You will be able to see famous London attractions such as the House of Parliament, Trafalgar square and Big Ben.

London Duck tour on the River Thames

On the second part of your London Duck tour will take you for a ride to the River Thames. For about 75 minutes you will have a chance to enjoy London sights from the famous river.

London Duck TourYou will be able to enjoy the view of Westminster Abbey, London Bridge, Shakespeare's globe theatre and many others.
This very interesting adventure is a perfect way to view London.
You will also have a guide who will provide more details about the history of Ducks and some interesting and intriguing facts about London.

London Duck tour is an adventure suitable for the whole family! You will not be disappointed. It is a great trip for the visitor of the capital as well as for its resident.
Are you interested in something new and original, book the Duck tour and enjoy the most beautiful London sights from the land and water in the vehicle of the times of the Second World War.

London Duck Tour particulars

  • Price: Adults - £25,00 children (up to 16 years) - £10,00
  • Duration: 3:00 hours
  • Place of departure: Chicheley St. Waterloo (behind the London Eye)
  • Highlights:
    • See the major attractions and highlights London has to offer.
    • Tickets are valid for 24 hours
    • Enjoy many sights of London from the land and water, without having to switch the transport!
    • Seeing the most famous tourist attractions: Westminster Abbey, Houses of Parliament, London Eye and others
    • Thames River Cruise - see St. Pauls Cathedral, the Globe Theatre

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