Jack the Ripper Tour

Do you want to know the darkest story of London?

Jack the Ripper tourJack the Ripper Tour will begin with a bus drive around the darkest sights of London. You will have a chance to see Old Bailey which is also known as Central Criminal Court. Here a numerous public hangings took place.

The bus also will be passing the Royal Hospital where the famous elephant man lived. Visitors will have a chance to see the Wallace Plaque - the place where William Wallace the Braveheart of Scotland was tortured. You will also have a guide who will tell you about times of gangland warfare in London, great train robbers and butcherous murderers.

When the shadows will begin to fall, you will reach the East End of London. In the 19th century this part of london was drawn in sin, crime and was considered to be one of the most dangerous areas of London. London East End has a bad fame and is known for the most notorious murderers of all times

Jack The Ripper TourDuring the autumn of 1888 the wave of terror hit London. A numerous murders of prostitutes happened on the streets of the East End. The murderer was given a name of terrifying Jack the Ripper, the name originated from one of the letters sent to English Newspaper by a person who claimed to be the murderer. Scotland Yard could not find the murderer while the number of victims grew.

This part of the tour will get you to the crime scenes of the murderes. Get off the bus and walk the alleys where the Ripper went searching for his next innocent victim. You will have a chance to inspect the places where the murders happened and conduct your own investigation. The terrible murders in the East End became a subject for fiction ever since. Even now the murders remain unsolved. Inspect the evidence and find out more about the suspects. Try to solve the mystery yourself!

After Jack the Ripper tour you will visit the famous Sherlock Holmes Pub to get yourself a nightcap. You also have a chance to taste the traditional English food: fish and chips. In the Sherlock Holmes Pub have a look to the famous investigator memorabilia. Moreover there is a museum dedicated to Sherlock Holmes - fictional character from the novels of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

Jack the Ripper tour particulars

  • Jack the Ripper Tour times:
    • Summer time (From April till October): from 5:40pm till 8pm
    • Winter time (From November till March): from 5:40pm till 9pm
  • Place of departure: The bus will departure from Victoria Hotel
  • Ticket Price: for children and for adults - £19,99
  • Highlights:
    • Night tour by London
    • Jack the Ripper Walking tour
    • Your own crime investigation
    • Sherlock Holmes Pub

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