The Magic of London Tour

London viewVisit Britain to see beautiful places and cathedrals. Experience London and enjoy outstanding views!

London is the city filled with mystery and magic. There are many beautiful architectural masterpieces, museums and galleries. Do you want to know more about London? Then choose our Magic of London Tour.

Tower of London

On your tour you will drive past the most famous attractions of London, such as Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament and many others.

Your first stop on the way will be the tower of London.
The Tower of London was built in 1078 by William the Conqueror. It used to be a fortress, palace and lastly a prison.
Now it is a fascinating museum, where you can walk through the corridors that still remember traces of its inhabitants, have a look at the Crown jewels and of course see the famous Ravens.

Beefeater will meet you here and will guide you in the Tower. He will start his tour with telling you the history of The Tower of London and its different buildings.
At the centre of the Tower Bridge you will see the White Tower. There you will be able to find the exhibition of torture instruments.
Although there was a law in England saying that torture was forbidden unless it was highly needed to protect the interest of the state, the awful machines were quite often in use.

Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palace After the Tower of London you will head to Buckingham Palace where you will see the Changing of the Guards.
Ittakes place in the forecourt of Buckingham Palace.

Queen's guards are usually led by the corps of drams marsh along the Mall to Buckingham Palace. This ceremony is the official changing of guards and it takes place daily in the Buckingham Palace.
In the cities such as Edinburgh it happens when the Queen visits her residence.

Cruise on the River Thames

The London tour will further take you to the River Thames. Here you will get off the bus and continue your journey on the water. Existing boat cruise along Thames will give you a chance to see many beautiful sights that can be seen only from the water.
Enjoy the view of St.Paul's Cathedral and Shakespeare's Globe Theatre.
When you Visit Britain you must try the most famous course - traditional English food - fish and chips. This London tour will give you an opportunity to do so in the cosy pub on the south bank of the River Thames.

St Paul Cathedral

St Paul's CathedralYour London tour will continue with visiting St Paul's Cathedral, which is a truly stunning piece of architecture.
It is the official site of English protestant church and it is still a working church.
You will also have a chance to visit Whispering Gallery (it is not usually visited by tourist groups) and listen to 300 years old organ.

Harrods Afternoon Tea

Your last stop will be Harrods, the luxurious department store in London. In Harrod's restaurant you should savour traditional English afternoon tea.

Walk around the shop after the tea. This is a great opportunity to do some shopping. You will find here the best designer cloth and jewels.

Visit Britain to visit one of the oldest historical sights and see famous London attractions filled with legends and farytales

Magic of London Tour Highlights

  • Prices: Adults - £72,00 children(up to 16 years) - £66,60
  • Duration: 9:30 hours
  • Place of departure: Personal pick up
  • Starting time - 08:00
  • Ending time -17:30
  • Highlights:
    • Private guided tour of the Tower of London with Beefeater.
    • Be the first group to visit the Crown Jewels
    • Free time to explore the Tower of London
    • Seeing the most famous tourist attractions Westminster Abbey, Houses of Parliament, London Eye and others
    • See Changing of the Guards - subject to availability
    • Thames River Cruise - see St. Pauls Cathedral, the Globe Theatre
    • Pub lunch (food/drink not included)
    • Visit St.Paul's Cathedral with professional guide and fast entry ticket
    • Afternoon tea and scones at Harrods

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