Dream of Los Angeles

Los Angeles, with a population of 3.83 million, is one of the most populous and multicultural cities in the Unites States, divided in several neighbourhoods populated by different communities.

The city is the centre of business, international trade, culture and fashion and it is also known as “the Creative Capital of the World”. In fact one in every six of its citizen works in a creative industry, so it is a home for la lot of artists, writers, dancers and actors. The most famous neighbourhood is Hollywood, located in the north-west area, that is considered to be the symbol of the city and it is also a synonym of American cinema because the city is home for celebrities and movie studios.

The most known landmark is the Hollywood sign written in white letters 14m tall and 350m long situated in in Santa Monica Mountains. This sign was created and protected by Hollywood Sign Trust a nonprofit organisation which aims to maintain the sign in a good condition.

Even though in the last years many companies have moved in other quarters, however the film industry is still operating in Hollywood.

Los Angeles is also known as a centre of entertainment and nightlife for this reason it is destination for million of visitors from around the world, so several cosy Los Angeles hotels are ready to welcome you if you decide to visit it. You can easily find the perfect hotel Los Angeles choosing among a vast range of accommodation. Many hotels in Los Angeles are waiting for you!

If you are interested in different type of art you can also visit the Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery that displays roughly about nine exhibitions or enjoy the Kodak Theatre which is home to the annual Academy Awards Ceremonies. The Los Angeles Country museum attracts millions of visitors like you every year: it is the biggest museum in west of Chicago that gives hospitality to modern and contemporary art.

You can not miss the characteristic Chinatown, Little Tokio and Koreatown. A bit of oriental style in the middle of Los Angeles! So what are you waiting for? Prepare your luggage and be ready to discover your American dream!