Top 10 attractions in Lyon

Often called “la Ville Lumière” (the City of Light), Lyon is indeed burning into the hearts of its residents as the best city to live in. As I was born in the core of the city, in the Hotel Dieu, I am definitely sharing this opinion. So that you would make most of your stay, check the list of 10 most exciting places to visit.

1. Fête des Lumières This annual event is surpassing anything you can imagine. You will be amazed by the major European urban lighting, draping every façade, statue, bridge, square, with vivid and varied colours, offering you the spectacle of astonishing visual effects on the classical beauty of a Haussmannian building or on the Gothic gargoyles of the St John Cathedral. You will never see a city changed like Lyon can be around the 8th of December. Concerning annual events, do not miss the Contemporary Art and Dance Biennials.

2. Le Vieux Lyon (the Old Town) You will enjoy wondering around the charming narrow streets of the Old Town, and do not hesitate to take those famous little covered passages called traboules linking different roads, and the inner courtyards. Every house has its own story and its secrets deserve to be revealed. Discover the Renaissance charm of the Maison des Avocats and of St Paul Church and the Gothic flamboyance of St John Cathedral. Enter the latter to see one of the most brilliant examples of astronomical clock, or admire the baroque style of St Georges Church.

3.Presqu’île (the Peninsula) The peninsula, at the confluence of the Rhône and Saône rivers, is the very core of the city, with the main shopping street and the longest pedestrian road in Europe, Rue de la République, but also with the Bellecour square and its great view of the Fourvière hill, the Haussmannian beauty of the Cordeliers, the Opera and its unique blend of classical and modern style, and finally the Terreaux square and the Town Hall (only opened to public on the Heritage Day mid-September).

4. Croix-Rousse As an old city of trade, Lyon get to be celebrated for his beautiful silk, pieces of art in itself. The Croix-Rousse was the quarter of the silk workers, called Canuts, and because of this particular history, it has its own and proper personality you would probably enjoy. Breathe in before climbing this gorgeous hill, and then have a rest in a lovely cafe!

5. Fourvière basilica As the Croix-Rousse was the working hill, Fourvière is the praying one. The white and gold cathedral sitting enthroned above Lyon offers both a breathtaking view and the perfections of the 19th century architectural style. A cute cable car will bring you there!

6. Roman Heritage The origins of the city date back the time of the Roman conquest of Gaul as it was founded around the 1st century B.C. as Lugdunum (the hill of light). The remains of that period are well-preserved, as for example the Amphitheatre of the Three Gauls, which still houses concerts like Les Nuits de Fourvière. Have a look at these gallo-roman ruins and visit the Museum of gallo-roman civilization to get a deeper understanding of the development of the city

7. Museums Lyon has been involved in many historical events, particularly as the centre of the French Resistance, lead by Jean Moulin. To learn more about this, just visit the Museum of Resistance. More museums? Enjoy the Natural History Museum or the Museum of Contemporary A

8. Parc de la Tête d’Or The most beautiful park of Lyon, situated at the very heart of the city, will welcome you if you are in search of a peaceful place to rest. Your children must love the Zoo and the African plain, or maybe a pedalo tour on the lake.

9. Gastronomy Lyon is famous for being the capital of French gastronomy, and that is exactly what it is. Do not travel to Lyon without trying a traditional bouchon in the Rue Mercière, or if your purse can support it, delight yourself with the perfect diner in Nicolas Le Bech, in Les Terrasses de Lyon or in Léon de Lyon.

10. River banks Lyon is situated on the wide and comfortable river banks of two European main rivers. Go have diner or party in one of the barges along Quai Augagneur, or stroll around on the Sunday morning book market in Quai St Vincen

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