Visiting Northern Ireland

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Northern Ireland - Land of wild Nature

Northern Ireland Nature, sea, human warmth and deep historic roots, Northern Ireland is worth being explored.
The presence of water materialised by the sea, rivers and lakes characterises the landscape. Bays, harbours and coastal towns, there is every element to create breathtaking sceneries.
Mountains and cliffs punctuate the inside land, keen on outdoor sports you will enjoy walking, riding or biking in this outstanding nature.

Northern Ireland has a long history of violent political and religious conflicts between Catholics and Protestants. The roots of the conflict lie in decades of war and opposition between Ireland and England. When Ireland finally gained independence the region was split in to Republic of Ireland which had catholic influence and Northern Ireland which was under influence of English protestant church.

In 1801 under the terms the all-island Kingdom of Ireland merged with Great Britain under the government and parliament based in London. And from here on, the troubles began again. Many citizens did not want to be part of Great Britain and especially to have government based in England. The series of violence and protests were carried on, during which 3,254 people were killed!
Only Belfast Agreement also referred to as Good Friday agreement brought to an end this violent conflict. It was signed by South and Northern Ireland on 10 April 1998.

Northern Ireland represents a perfect blend of sightseeing. You can find here Norman heritage monuments, Irish and English culture. The region as all Irish island is rich with beautiful natural sites and has a fascinating history. Visit Northern Ireland and you will not be left disappointed!

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