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Edinburgh, bagpiperEdinburgh is a cultural center of Scotland. When you visit Britain, Edinburgh is one of the main UK tourism destanations!
There is a plenty of things to do and places to visit.
It is not a surprise that Edinburgh became famous for its numerous Scotland festivals and events.
Visiting Britain website will help you to find out more about different celebrations in Edinburgh.

Annual Events and Scotland Festivals in Edinburgh

Christmas Edinburgh Christmas Dates: 27th of November till 4th of January

The count of days till Edinburgh Christmas begins with lighting up the Princess street. A thousand of Christmas lights lighten up the trees surrounding the bottom of Edinburgh castle and city streets.
The German market, ice skating ring and ferris wheel and many other attractions are organized in the city centre for the upcoming holidays. In the German market you can buy hot delicious food and muled wine.
There is also a wide range of wooden and silver gifts, glass art works and many other amazing available for affordable price. You can also enjoy a large variety of bakery and sweets. Spend you Christmas time in Edinburgh!

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London Highland Show Royal Highland Show Dates: second-last weekend of June (Thursday - Sunday)

Royal Highland Show gives you an opportunity to see what are the treasures of Scottish countryside. Many farmers, beer brewers and whisky makers come for the show to present their goods and products.
Here you will be able to see different farm animals as well. Horses, sheep and others. You can often see some member of royal family on the Royal Highland Showincluding her majesty, Queen Elizabeth as well.
More than 150,000 people attend Royal Highland Show annually and it is one of the main Scotland festivals.

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Edinburgh View Edinburgh International Film Festival Dates: Vary each year. Usualy Starts on third Saturday of July and lasts for 12 days

Edinburgh Film Festivalwas born together with Edinburgh International Festival in 1947 and was one of the first film festivals in the world.
Edinburgh Film Festival supports new talent, innovation and discovery.
The Festival consists of twelve glorious days filled with special events, parties and interviews with the world known directors and actors.

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Edinburgh Festival FRING Edinburgh Festival Fring Dates: Vary each year. Opens on the first Sunday of August and finishes on the Bank Holiday Monday

Edinburgh Festival FRING is the largest art festival in the world and one of the most famous Scotland festivals.
It was founded in 1947 and became very popular in the UK and in the world. If you want to go for the Scotland tour it will probably be the best time.

Edinburgh Festival FRING takes place in August and lasts for three and a half weeks. There are many shows during the week, and everyone will be able to find a performance according to the interests and preferences. There is also a large number of exhibitions going on in the museums and galleries.

Annually Military Tattoo is held in front of the Edinburgh castle. It is a fascinating parade of military troops with traditional Scottish music and uniform. Tattoo is probably the most famous part of Edinburgh Festival and it takes place on the special built platforms just in front of Edinburgh castle.
Other shows and performances get together many world known artists in the capital of Scotland. You can choose from the variety of music concerts available: jazz, pop, rock and classical. Theatres offer you different plays, ballets and opera performances.

Apart from Scottish culture you have a great chance to experience cultures from other parts of the world: from Spanish flamenco to Japanese samurais.
Visit Edinburgh Festival and enjoy different shows and performances. You will not be disappointed.
It is worth mentioning that only during August and only in Edinburgh the majority of clubs and bars will be open till six o'clock in the morning (usual closing time is 3:00 a.m.). Don't miss the opportunity to enjoy Edinburgh nightlife in full!

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Edinburgh Hogmanay Edinburgh Hogmanay Dates: 29th of December -1st of January

Edinburgh's Hogmanay is New Year celebration that takes place in Edinburgh. It is one of the most important events of the year. Each year there are new shows and performances. There is also a number of pop and rock concerts going on in Edinburgh.
The signature of this event is Street party which takes place on the night from 1st of December to 1st of January. Enjoy the amazing music, light show and fireworks at midnight.

There is also an ice skating ring just in the city centre below the famous Edinburgh Castle. You also can get muled wine and delicious hot food from the stands in the city centre.
What can be better than to celebrate the beginning of the new year in such a fantastic city as Edinburgh?! Enjoy dancing and music shows, go ice skating or get yourself a cup of muled wine and enjoy the view of the Edinburgh by night.

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Thirstle, National Flower of Scotland Beltane Fire Festival Dates: night time - 30th of April

Baltane Fire Festival is one of the best Scotland festivals in Great Britain. Moreover it embodies culture and traditions of Celtic people and gives you a chance to see a fantastic show. More than 12,000 people annually come to share the experience of the Edinburgh Festival.
The Beltane Fire Festival represents the end of winter and the beginning of spring. The festival's show is based on Celtic mythology. The procession is divided into two groups which represents 4 different elements: fire, water, earth and air. Each group performs their own dance. After the performance is finished, the huge bonfire is lit and people start to dance around .
Beltane Fire Festival is a truly fantastic event! If you want to see a part of Celtic culture and participate in it yourself you should visit this Edinburgh Festival. You should just notice that the number of tickets sold annually is limited.

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