Places to visit in Scotland

Bagpipes, Braveheart, thistle, haunted castles and Lochness monster. Welcome to Scotland!
Feel the deep roots of the Scots and learn how their clans fashioned the country and built their deep history.
Scotland is stands out from the various area of UK tourism. Discover more about its history, roots and traditions with Visiting Britain website.

Places to visit

Visit Scotland for fascinating sightseeing and great unique experience


Edinburgh viewEdinburgh has been the capital of Scotland since 1437. It is considered to be one of the most beautiful cities to visit for UK tourism.
Edinburgh has amazing architecture style and surrounding scenery. Edinburgh is a second most visited city in Great Britain after London.

Edinburgh is a city free from megalopolis noise and stress. It seems that the time has stopped here and the city fell into a magical sleep.
Beautiful Edinburgh castle is guiding the surroundings of Edinburgh, looking at the city from the high rocky hill.

Go to see the sunrise from Carlton hill and explore the Roman buildings on it. Spend your afternoon wandering around beautiful small streets of the city or go to one of the various galleries.
Go to find out more about Scottish culture and see fantastic collection of art pieces in the National Gallery of Scotland or visit Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art.

For the evening you can book yourself theatre tickets. Scotland is famous for its Scottish ballet and you can find plays, music performances and dancing shows in a wide range of theatres in Edinburgh.
Try haggis and black pudding in one of the traditional Scottish pubs or restaurants. After that proceed to a bar to have a freshly brewed beer or famous Scottish whisky.

If you like spooky stories, you can go for a night ghost tour around the underground vaults of Edinburgh or Mary King's Cross. If you are not keen on thrilling sensations, Edinburgh has a large variety of fabulous nightclubs with all kind of music. This city will not leave you disappointed and you will not have a problem to find something to do during the day time or how to spend your evening.


Scottish National Flower, ThistleStirling is a beautiful city with amazing architecture and plenty of places to visit and to see. It is only one hour driving away from Edinburgh. You also can catch a train that will get you there in 40min. Stirling is built around a beautiful castle standing on the rocky hill. Stirling is one of the most often visited cities for UK tourism, so when you visit Scotland you should certainly go to this beautiful town

During the stone age Stirling was considered to be a very important strategic point and a gateway to Highlands. Therefore it is not a surprise that it has a bloody and violent history.

City walls witnessed bloody battles for Scottish Independence seven centuries ago when William Wallace led the nation to freedom.
Not far from the old city you can find Wallace monument which looks gloriously upon Stirling streets. Here you can visit the Wallace museum or enjoy the view of the city.

Stirling castle is one of the most beautiful castles in the UK. It stands on the top of rocky mountain which is an extinct volcano. The castle is famous for its architectural beauty. Marry Queen of Scots spent her childhood here.

When you are in Stirling you can also visit The Old Town Jail to live what it meant to be a prisoner in 19th century. Visit the cells of the prison and see some of the torture instruments that were used in the past.


Glasgow National GalleryIf you are in Edinburgh you should also visit Glasgow. You can get into the city centre in an hour time by train.
Trains to Glasgow leave Edinburgh Waverley nearly every hour, so it should not be a problem.
Glasgow is the largest city in Scotland. It is the Scottish industrial and business centre. Go here for shopping as the city has a wide range of different shopping centres and you will not be left disappointed.

If you have time you should also visit one of the numerous galleries in Glasgow.Visit Glasgow gallery of modern art or Transport museum with an amazing collection of vintage cars.

Highlands: Eilean Donan Castle and Glencoe Area


HighlandsHighlands is a must see place when you go to the tour around Scotland. Highlands represent a spectacular sightseeing opportunities.
See the hills covered with snow, beautiful lakes and rivers. When you travel around Highlands you loose all sense of time. Here nothing matters it is only you and nature.

Eilean Donan Castle

When you are in Highlands you should also visit Eilean Donan Castle. The castle was originally built as a fortress by Alexander 2 as a defense against Vikings.
It is situated on the island at the point where tree great lochs meet. Eilean Donan Castle is known for its beauty all around the world and is one of the most visited places in Scotland.

Glencoe Area

Glencoe is a beautiful U shaped glen in Highlands. It is very beautiful but has a very sad and heartbreaking history. Glencoe used to be part of clan McDonald&s land. This land is also called "Glen of Weeping" may be based on the historic events that happened here.

In the morning on 13th February 1692 the Glencoe massacre took place. 38 McDonalds were killed by their guests who accepted their hospitality. In the surrounding villages another 40 women and children died from cold and hunger after their houses were burnt down.
The reason for such a tragedy was that The McDonalds have been pledging allegiance to the new monarchs, Mary II and William II.

Lochs of Scotland: Loch Lomond and Loch Ness

Loch Lomond, NessIf you are in Scotland you should visit the stunning mirror lakes, which are called lochs. There are many beautiful lochs around the area so you will not be left disappointed by the scenery.
Loch Lomomd and Loch Ness are two most popular. Go here fishing or for a boat trip.
Who knows may be you will be lucky enough and you will see the Loch Ness monster?

When you visit Britain Scotland is a must see destination. Have a look to our Scotland tours!