Braveheart tour

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Day 1

Edinburgh castleBraveheart tour will begin with visiting the capital of Scotland- Edinburgh.
Edinburgh tour includes hop on hop off bus tour and a visit to Edinburgh castle.
Get in to the bus and enjoy the view of the city and after have a walk along its beautiful streets.
Beeing a purl of UK tourism Edinburgh is a city with great history and has a large number of historic places to see and to visit. Its narrow streets hide many secrets. Edinburgh is the second most visited city in Britain after London.
Sir Walter Scott referred to the city as to the Empress of the North because of its stunning beauty.

Day 2

Trossachs and Loch Lomond

Loch Lomond, Scotland toursYour Braveheart tour will continue on passing scenic places of Balloch. This Highlands tour will give you a chance to enjoy the most beautiful natural Scotland attractions. In Balloch you can opt to take a boat cruise on Loch Lomond.
The tour will go on with a ride through the stunning places of Trossachs. The beauty of this area became very famous thanks to Walter Scot's poetry.
In his poem Lady of the Lake he listed numerous Scotland attractions of Trossachs.
Loch Katrine located nearby was a favourite holiday place of Queen Victoria.


Let's head to Stirling. You will visit William Wallace monument.
Sir William Wallace was a knight and landowner who led the resistance troups during the war for Scottish independence.
The role that he had in the history of Scotland and his tragic death made him a Scottish national hero.
In William Wallace Monument you will find the museum dedicated to Scottish national hero and enjoy the view of Stirling.
When you have Scotland tour you just must see Stirling - the gate way from Scotland to Highlands. Stirling is a truly beautiful city. It still has a charm of the past time. Your will have a chance to enter Stirling castle which is one of the most famous castles in Scotland.

Edinburgh SightseeingBannockburn, linlithgow Palace

On the way back to Edinburgh, Braveheart tour will be passing Bannockburn. It was a site of the Battle of Bannockburn fought in 1314 between Scotland and England for Scottish independence.
You will also see linlithgow Palace - the birthplace of Mary Queen of Scots.

Day 3

On the third day you will wander around Edinburgh. Go to visit Edinburgh Dungeon where actors will try to scare you with their terrifying stories and lead you to the cannibal village.
If you are not keen on thrilling sensations, spend your free time climbing Arthur's seed, from where you will have a spectacular view of the whole city.
Go shopping to Princess street, drop to luxurious Harvey Nichols to buy designer cloth or go for lunch to an amazing restaurant with the view on the whole city.

Braveheart tour particulars:

  • Ticket price: Adults - £329,00 Seniors - £329,00, Children - £319,00
  • Duration: 3 Days
  • Highlights:
    • See beautiful capital of Scotland - Edinburgh
    • Prepaid entrance to Edinburgh Castle
    • Return train tickets to Edinburgh
    • Fast entry ticket to Edinburgh Castle
    • Map of Edinburgh and travel notes
    • Edinburgh sightseeing 'hop on hop off bus'
    • Second day visit to Stirling Castle and Loch Lomond National Park
    • Spend third day enjoying the free time in Edinburgh

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