Visiting Scotland

Edinburgh viewVisit Scotland and have a chance to admire a beautiful Scotland sightseeing and outstanding nature! You will not be disappointed with this. Scotland offers you one of the best UK tourism destinations in Britain!

The land of mirror lakes and brave hearts

Scotland is a country with amazing history and stunning sightseeing. Scotland occupies nothern side of the island of Great Britain. It consists of 90 islands and is bounded by the North sea to the east and Atlantic ocean to the north and west.

Scotland SightseeingVisit britain to find out more about its inhabitants and culture. Scotland has a fascinating history and you will be able to find many Scotland tours to worldwide famous heritage monuments and amazing natural sights.

It is hard to say when the first inhabitants arrived to Scotland however it is believed that first hunters entered the territory around 12,800 years ago. The written history of Scotland began with the arrival of Roman Empire. During the medieval period the territory was occupied by Picts. Kingdom Of the Picts eventually became known as 'Alba' or 'Scotland'.

This fascinating country has a very brave but bloody history. Its life was interrupted all the time by invasions and wars. Its wars with England went on for centuries. In 1707 England and Scotland finally signed the Treaty of Union and Scotland became part of Great Britain.

Scotland, Glasgow sightseeingScotland was the birth place of Conan Doyle (the author of famous Sherlock Holmes series), Robert Burn and William Wallace. Visit Scotland to see the places where famous Brave Heart movie was filmed or to see the sights that inspired J. K. Rowling to write her famous Harry Potter novels. Scotland is a must see UK tourism destination. It has everything: amazing heritage monuments, beautiful parks and historic areas.

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